Cây Sake - Riverside Restaurant

    Cây Sake - Riverside Restaurant

    Cây Sake - Riverside Restaurant

    440/6 NƠ TRANG LONG, P13, Q BÌNH THẠNH   +84906670558
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    1. Can we bring our own wine/beer?
    Yes, if the bottle is not listed on our wine list we allow you to bring your own wine for a corkage fee of $10 per bottle (750ml) or $5 for a 24-can-beer package.

    2. Can we bring our own food?
    Yes, however you will be charged a $10 plating fee per cover or $5 per kilo for cooking and plating the food.

    3. Can we order a cake/decor package for a special occasion?
    Yes, however we ask you to give us a notice of 3 business days by sending us an email to saketreequan@gmail.com.

    4. Do you accept large group reservations?
    For large parties of 12 or more please contact our Private Events team at saketreequan@gmail.com.

    5. Do you serve vegeterian food?
    We can accommodate vegeterian food for private events with a prior notice of 3 business days. 

    6. Do you offer home or office catering?
    You can place catering orders for delivery or pickup directly by contacting our customer service line (+84) 090-670-558. If you do not find what you're looking and would like to customize your order further please send us an email to saketreequan@gmail.com.


    Send us a message for other questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also reach us faster by phone at (+84) 090-670-558.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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